What is supervision?
“A process of experiential learning wherein a regular and safe place is created for practitioners to undertake facilitated reflection on the experiences that arise from their work” (G. Murray, 1999)

What does a supervisee do?
Supervisees are expected to actively prepare and participate in the supervision process and this will include a willingness to take responsibility for presenting case work, engage in problem solving, and may include homework and/or reading.

What does a supervisor do?
My approach is non-judgemental.  As a counsellor and psychotherapist I am a respectful, open and genuine person with an integrative approach and a strong bias towards cognitive behaviour therapy.  I also take an integrative approach to supervision using, among others, the Cyclical Model of Page & Wosket (2001) and the Process Model of Hawkins & Shohet (2006).  I provide a safe place for supervisees to reflect on case work in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Supervision services I provide include:
Support & Encouragement, Education & Guidance, Management & Assessment, Professional Development, Reflective & Reflexive Practice, Creativity & Problem Solving, Health & Safety, Ethical Practice, Crisis Sessions, Stress Debriefing.

I can also provide evaluation and reporting required for accreditation, re-accreditation or for a trainee’s course provider.

I facilitate individual sessions or lead small groups of experienced health professionals or less experienced practitioners or trainees.  I facilitate external supervision for small groups of health care professionals.

Please phone me for directions.  Sessions are 50-60mins and cost €70.